Running a business is about keeping costs down. Save money by forgoing paper in favor of eStatements — and reduce chances for fraud. Plus, accessing past statements instantly and managing accounts in real time make it easy to stay on top.

  • Free Check Copies
  • Save space, paper, and the environment
  • Eliminate your paper trail
  • Reduce chances for identity theft
  • Ease record-keeping
  • Streamline account management
  • View past statements up to 18 months
  • Download and save for permanent storage
  • Receive notice by email when new statement is ready

General FAQs

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Q. What are eStatements?

A. eStatements are electronic statements that replace your paper. You will have online access to 18 months of eStatements and front images of cancelled checks.

Q. What software and system requirements do I need to use eStatements?

A. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher or Firefox 3.0 or higher, Chrome, or Safari 4.0

Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher is required to view and /or print PDF documents downloaded from this application.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader by going to

Pop-up Blocker must be turned off or enabled for the site. Access Pop-up Blocker as follows:

Firefox users - click Tools, Options, Content to work with pop-up exeptions

Internet Explorer - click Tools, Pop-up Blocker.

An email account with an Internet service provider and email software in order to receive notices of electronic documents available.

High speed Internet connection; DSL equivalent or better connection is required for optimal performance.

Q. How do I Sign-Up for eStatements?

A. eStatements are available through I-Bank, Maple City Savings Bank's online banking system. Once you are logged into online banking, click into one of your accounts, then click on the eStatement link and complete the enrollment form.

Q. What if I want eStatements but I don't want I-Bank?

A. Unfortunately at this time there is not an option to only sign up for eStatements - you must be signed up for I-Banking to be able to access the eStatements.

Q. Is my information secure with eStatements?

A. Yes, we take every possible measure to ensure the highest level of security. Your eStatements are only available through online banking, and, therefore are encrypted with your personal password. As always, we strongly suggest that you protect your password and do not share it. Our online banking service requires a browser that supports 128-bit encryption.

Q. Will I continue to get paper statements mailed to me?

A. No, your paper statements will no longer be mailed to your home address once you sign up for eStatements.

Q. What accounts are eligible for eStatements?

A. Your checking, savings, and money market statements are eligible.

Q. How will I know my eStatement is ready?

A. A courtesy email from Maple City Savings Bank is sent letting you know your eStatement is ready for viewing. The email address this notification will be sent from is [email protected]

Q. What happens if my email address is wrong or bounces back?

A. If you provide us an invalid email address or if a previously valid email address subsequently malfunctions, then we may, at our option, treat this as a withdrawal of your consent to receive electronic Communications.

Q. How do I change my email address?

A. You can change your email address via I-Bank by going to the Options link, then edit in the Email section. If you do not utilize I-Bank, Click on Edit User Settings, then click the Change Email tab.

Q. Will my eStatements have the same information as my paper statement?

A. Yes, and you will also see the front images of your cancelled checks at the very bottom of your eStatement.

Q. What does it mean when I get a message stating "No Statements Found."?

A. Most likely this is either a new account and it has not yet had a statement prepared for it or the first statement cut-off date has not yet arrived. If this is not a new account and should have statement history, please contact us at 1-607-324-1822.