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Why do I need a financial advisor?

There is a big difference between information and insight. Information is inexpensive and readily available. Insight requires deeper knowledge and experience to achieve.  Basic knowledge and platforms to invest are easier than ever to obtain but it doesn’t replace the intricate knowledge, additional options, and constant supervision that a good financial advisor can provide for you.  Its estimated that professional financial advice can add 1.5%-4% to portfolio returns over time (Fidelity ’23) which in the long run can make a 6 figure difference.  It’s our goal to give you the confidence and peace of mind that you can set appropriate goals, stay on track to meet them, and enjoy the success of a well-executed plan.  Schedule an appointment today so we can learn more about you and your financial needs.

How much do I need to open an investment account?

The minimum amount can vary based on what type of investment vehicle suits you best.  It is likely less than you think and it’s certainly never too late to start!  Let’s have a brief discussion to understand what you are looking for and help you achieve your goals.  Click to link below to schedule an appointment or contact us via email/phone. 

When can I retire?

Its tough to know the answer to this very important question without the help of a qualified professional.  There are a lot of factors that go into when you can retire and have your money last for 30+ years without employment income. We can help to assess your financial readiness for retirement. Most individuals will center when they can retire based on dates set by the government or their employer (minimum age for: social security, a pension, or retirement plan withdraws).  Your financial realities may allow you to retire earlier than you think. It is also possible that you will need to commit more resources to fulfill your retirement plan.  We can help you create a plan and take out the guess work to ensure you can be confident when you can transition into the retirement phase of your life.  

How can my beneficiaries inherit my assets with the least amount of trouble and without taxation?

While every financial and property situation is unique, there are some general rules that you can follow to simplify the process and reduce tax burden. Everyone should have three basic estate documents in place as early as possible. We can help with that.  Managing your beneficiary designations is critically important. We will review beneficiaries with you. You need to be aware of the individual tax treatment of all the assets within your estate ahead of time. There are many special rules regarding taxation of a decedent’s assets. We can identify which ones apply to you.  A probated estate may be avoidable with advance planning, which will help reduce and manage a potential estate tax burden.  Call us today at 607-324-2193 so we can begin a dialogue regarding these important and complex issues.

How can small business owners (and their employees) save for retirement?

As a small business it is tough to keep up with the benefits offered by larger corporations.  Even if you have access to products, do you have the time and resources to understand they are right for you AND keep up with consistent regulation changes, as well as state/federal requirements? Whether it’s just yourself, only have a few employees, or have many more you can offer competitive benefits that not only yourself but also your employees can choose to take advantage of.  Saving for retirement is critical but there are also many tax advantages to investing in a retirement plan for you and your employees.  Let’s set up a 15-minute consultation to understand your unique situation and how we can help you create stability within the future of your business and your retirement.    


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